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AstroPlant is an educational citizen science project in collaboration with the European Space Agency to engage a new generation of Space Farmers, collect data and ideas for agriculture on Mars, develop open source research equipment and create awareness of regenerative and closed-loop life support systems.

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AstroPlant is an open source project meaning that it is open to everyone, and is building for everyone. There are many ways of contributing to the project. You can buy one of the kits, tinker with it and collect valuable data, or you can help us improve our community platform. You can teach or learn biology, plant carrots or simply follow our news feed, and spread the word about our amazing community of Space Farmers.

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Grow with the community on Slack. Exchange ideas and talk about AstroPlant. The Sky’s the limit!

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A customizable plant station.









You can help develop a rigorous and tested product by contributing to the AstroPlant source code. Check it out on GitHub.

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